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What is Bubble Tea?

It’s your new favorite drink

Flavored tea, with bubbles on the bottom! We start with either black or green tea, and then add the flavoring you choose. The flavors make it creamy, but non-dairy! For the bubbles, we add tapioca pearls that have been soaked in brown sugar syrup. Finally, we give you a big straw so that you can bring the bubbles up from the bottom as you drink.

But Wait, There's More!

We have more textures than just tapioca pearls! Try bursting boba (a explosion of fruity flavor!) or jellies (a jello like texture).

Best of all, all of our topping choices are vegan, and vegetarian as well as peanut free and gluten free! We also have plenty of non-dairy drink options to accommodate you.

Many people think of bubble tea as Japanese, but it actually started in Taiwan in the 80’s and 90’s. As it grew in popularity, it became a big deal in other countries (like Japan), and now you get to enjoy it right here in Rogers, Arkansas.

With so many bubble tea flavors and toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless!
We also have mochi ice cream served in over 10 flavor options

Join us for Tayaki Tuesday!

Join us for Tayaki Tuesday!

Tayaki is like a waffle, but filled with anything from chocolate to spinach & artichoke. Follow our socials to find out what’s in this week’s tayaki!

Steamed Bun Saturday
Steamed Bun Saturday

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